Talk: 13th October > “Wealthpool – strategy for financing big projects”

“Having money and needing money – both are often a taboo. Well, let’s just say it’s good that a lot of people have money and it’s also good that there are people who undertake worthwhile projects – even if they don’t have any money. A wealth pool brings them together.” Dr. Markus Distelberger

“Finance without banks, without interest but with secured value. Together, that’s possible.” Dr. Markus Distelberger


Teresa Distelberger was born in 1981 and grew up in the small town of Herzogenburg in Lower Austria. She studied applied linguistics, film and gender studies in Vienna, Paris and Lancaster. In 2020 she completed her master’s degree in “Arts in Practice” at the Dutch Art Institute.

In addition to short films and documentaries, she realizes performances, installations and dialogic art spaces in which she deals with rural traditions, urban and global living environments, commemorative culture and a multi-layered interpretation of the controversial concept of home.

In 2017 the film “Die Zukunft ist besser als ihr Ruf” (“The future is better than its reputation”) came into the cinemas, which she realized together with Niko Mayr, Gabi Schweiger and Nicole Scherg (awarded with the ROMY 2018 as “Best Cinema Documentary”).

RETTET DAS DORF is Teresa Distelberger’s first full-length documentary for which she is the sole director. She passes on her knowledge of the asset pool financing model for residential projects, among other things, in online seminars.

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