Talk: 15th October > ”Farming with water and trees

The too little-known Australian P.A. Yeomans gave all permaculture and agriculture designers the vision of importance of catching every raindrop, prioritizing the water in the design of any agriculture system and the tools to manage it. Currently the world is facing more and more problems as direct consequences of a degenerated water cycle.

The problem is the solution! By designing efficient water management and planting large amonts of trees as agroforestry systems, the effects both on the farm and on the water cycle will favour regenerated landscapes and people.


Simon Ricard is member of PermaLab, a french based small company dedicated to permaculture and regenerative hydrology and agriculture by designing projects and giving courses to a varied public.

After a career in Energy Engineering, Simon decided to changed his life 7 years ago and started a large journey first in permaculture and then in regenerative agriculture in general especially by learning about keyline design which he studied and practiced during a long stay in Rancho San Ricardo in Mexico.

Back to France he joined Chan Sac Balam in running PermaLab in his mission of spreading regenerative projects in France and beyond.

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