Talk: 11th October > “Resilience and Abundance in Times of Crisis”


Fotini Georgousi is a biologist, farmer, permaculturist and community activist from Athens, Greece. She is the co-founder of the Nea Guinea NGO, where over the last 12 years she coordinates different projects related to Permaculture and Food Sovereignty.

Project: Our organisation came into being in 2009, out of our belief that human activity can be mindfully integrated into natural ecosystems and become a regenerative factor for the local communities and the surrounding landscapes. After 5 years of developing urban Permaculture projects in the city of Athens, we relocated our activity at a small suburban farm, which over the years has been turned into a productive human ecosystem that operates as a research and educational centre for Mediterranean Permaculture.

Our goal is to explore new, healthy and meaningful connections with nature and people around us, facilitating the emergence of a new local culture based on solidarity and respect for life as a whole. The Nea Guinea team runs the farm, designs for other land based projects and organizes educational activities, open informative events, gatherings, festivals and work exchange programs for locals, refugees and internationals of all ages.

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