Talk: 9th October > ‘‘Naturplanteskolen, a Permacultural Nursery and lighthouse”


Eulàlia Martí started working at Naturplanteskolen in 2017 and got quickly caught by the atmosphere, the visions and the potentials of the place. She has the responsibility of most of the production and the daily work at the nursery. She has got her roots in Catalunya, Spain, but has been in Denmark for the last few years. Her academic background is in the fields of biology and organic farming and she took her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2014. She is a board member of the danish permaculture organisation Permakultur Danmark.

Naturplanteskolen was established in 2013 by MSc, PhD in horticulture, Aiah Noack, as Denmark’s first producer and supplier of perennial vegetables, edible herbs, bushes and trees. It has been accredited as a LANDcenter since 2014. It began to offer courses and workshops in permaculture and horticultural subjects as well as old handmade crafts in 2015. It added a farm shop in 2016 and it became certified as an organic plant producer in 2018. A wood fired clay oven was built in the garden last year and this year it has incorporated a café. A huge turnaround has happened both inside the old buildings and, particularly, out in the 1,6Ha big garden, since 2013. Nature has come back with its delightful lushness and abundance. Many visitors and customers find it attractive, relaxing and inspiring to visit a living, edible, climate resistant and biodiverse garden.

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