Talk: 10th October > “Building Community Resilience”


Erika Zarate is an advisor and researcher in the field of resilience of communities and organisations. She is also into transformative and intercultural education, and strategic planning. Erika holds a B.Sc in Enviro Science & Int’l Cooperation and a Master in Capacity Building & Community Education.

One of her projects is: Resilience.Earth SCCL, which is a non-profit cooperative for exchange management that is committed to community resilience, regenerative design and the social and solidarity economy as fundamental tools for social, ecological and economic transformation.

The members of the cooperative offer various services such as design, planning and evaluation; Moderation and training; Innovation and research. They work with more than 50 local and international organizations, have accompanied more than 100 projects, communities, municipalities and institutions that want to face the challenges of the present in a positive, creative, exciting and sustainable way over time.

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