Talk: 16th October > ”Reconnect people to their territory

Presentation of a holistic agro-regenerative design project to develop and enhance the region of Alto Alentejo in Portugal, responding to the economic, environmental, social and cultural pillars, fundamental according to TERRASUA for the accomplishment of a sustainable project.


Social, tolerant, inspiring and multilingual, Bruno is an ever-expanding box of ideas and tools. Born in Portugal, he grew up in Switzerland and spent many years working for the International Red Cross. Passionate about social and ecological justice, he found in permaculture a new way of life, and even more, the path of transition to become the ever-student who he is now, graduating from world experts in permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

As a designer and facilitator, he has been collaborating on many international projects, while living in intentional communities and educational centres. Bruno has been developing transformation initiatives and given courses in several land projects around the world. He mainly works and shares his knowledge in food forestry, syntropic agriculture, agroforestry, holistic management, permaculture design, water management, soil restoration, and integral consulting. In 2020, he co-created the collective TERRASUA whose vocation is to facilitate the realization of projects in a holistic agro-regenerative approach, respecting strong ecological and economic principles.

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