During the event

Europe is a linguistically highly diverse region and one of the aims in this event is to honour this richness.

  • With the help of a lively translation team combined with digital transcription tools, all the curated content of the event will be delivered in English (audio and/or subtitles) and at least one of 7 other languages (subtitles): French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian.
  • In the case of pre-recorded content, more than two subtitle languages may be provided at times. 
  • Now and in the future: The EUPC 2021 team is keen on mapping the linguistic diversity and capacity of the European Permaculture Community, in order to provide as much support during this year’s event as well as future interactions and gatherings. For this, all those registering are being asked to provide information regarding their language background.

Additional Translation Support

In order to provide translation support also during the emerging programme in the Open Spaces, all participants keen and available to translate are invited to volunteer to translate in the format that is agreed on and is possible during that specific Open Space session. The sign-up for participants and translators of these sessions will be available in the respective KumoSpace rooms.

If you want to get involved in supporting those attendees who do not speak fluent English, please do get in touch.