Final Joining Instructions


Dear EUPC 2021 Participant,

These are your final instructions and guidelines for joining us at the EUPC 2021 online – PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY. We’re so excited to have so many attendees from across Europe and the Globe coming along to this event and hope it will be an enriching experience for us all, with the result a strong European and Global permaculture community.

(If you wish to translate this email, you can do this in a basic fashion via:

How it works each day / evening

From 18:00-21:00 UTC+1 (19:00-21:00 CET) each evening we will be broadcasting on This is the platform you registered on. The broadcast will be in one continuous stream rather than lots of different sessions, with guests joining throughout, films being shown and chances for Q&As and discussions in the chat. We recommend you join for the full 3-hour period to make the most of what is happening.

The Crowdcast event has different sessions – you can select these from a dropdown menu at the top of the page or else via the event schedule on the EUPC website. They are also contained in this email below. Ask in the chat or Kumospace Reception if you are struggling:-

If you aren’t familiar with Crowdcast, please visit our website for useful technical tips and instructions: 

One of the main points is that Google Chrome is the best browser for use, though most will work sufficiently. There are specific instructions for using on a phone including a downloadable App for iOS:

As well as the main curated programme there is also our Open Space Emergent Programme which is occurring mainly on Zoom through 9th-10th and 15th-17th October, in the day-time. See below for more information.

Accessing Crowdcast

To access Crowdcast you need to use the same email and password that you used upon registration for the event. If you have lost these, you can request them again from Crowdcast on the login screen. Any issues, please get in contact with us at info@eupc.communityYou can access the evening events via these links:-

The Calendar

Our website now has a detailed calendar of all events taking place. Please visit:

There is an option to add individual events to your Google or iCal Calendar. Go to the calendar then select the event you wish to look at. On the pop-up, you will find the links (as per below):-

How to join Open Space and Strategic Network Sessions

Open Space sessions are independent of the main curated programme taking place on Crowdcast. The full range of offerings can be found via

Each Open Space session has its own link, advertised on its listing, for instance as can be found here:

Open Space events happen between 10:00 and 17:00 (UTC+1) over the days of 9th-10th and 15th-17th October. EUPN Strategic Sessions are due to occur on Wednesday 13th and Sunday 17th October from 15:00 to 17:00 on Zoom.

Kumospace – Our Social Space

We’re excited to be experimenting with Kumospace, a novel innovation aiming to offer creative spaces for online events to occur within. We are primarily using Kumospace as a social space for EUPC attendees. You will need a microphone and camera to get the most out of the space – and a desire to meet people!

We’re inviting you to join us from 17:00 UTC+1 each day of the event – beginning on Friday 8th October – in Kumospace to get a taste of it’s potential. The link to the space is:-

We also invite you to come there after 21:00 UTC+1 each day to decompress the evening’s sessions and to meet other permaculture people from across the world.

You will not need to register to visit our Kumospace. Upon arrival, please feel free to come to the EUPC Reception, there will be staff and volunteers present there (you can recognise them from their name which will begin with ‘EUPC’). You can navigate around the room using your cursor keys and zoom in or out using the + and – signs. If you are already accustomed to Kumospace, feel free to go to whichever room you feel. You can also message our staff from any room for assistance.

We are welcoming you to use Kumospace creatively – for instance, you could meet colleagues or new connections in one of the meeting spaces we have set-up or even do a co-working session in the Co-Working Space. Day 5 of the event will predominantly take part in Kumospace, more details to follow. Speak to our reception staff about any ideas you have and let’s see what’s possible.

Finally, we are offering some language support options via Kumospace with rooms available in which to watch the evening broadcasts each day for those speaking German, Spanish or French. The advantage of watching in Kumospace is to be with others speaking your native language and being able to support each other. See below for more information about Language Support.

We have created a basic visual guide to Kumospace HERE. Please note, only 30 people can be in any room at once. 

Some additional help from Kumospace themselves can be found here: 


We have a noticeboard for you to share news and information about your projects, events, courses, opportunities and more. If you’re looking for something, why not request it on the noticeboard? With 600+ attendees from across Europe, there will be plenty of chance to be seen:

Language Support

We have worked hard to provide translated materials wherever possible in advance of the event including translating the website from English into 3 other languages. During the event we will be offering some exploratory language support options. These are:-

  • The Permaculture CoLab Translation Circle will be offering LIVE transcribed translations on Day 1 and Day 10 of the event. This will happen via Google Docs which will be shared in the Crowdcast Chat and able to be used as needed. The proposal is to transcribe into Spanish or French on Day 1. The plan for Day 10 will follow but should involve translation of two languages, most likely German and French.
  • Where a section of a presentation during the event is not in English, we will seek to translate it into English for the benefit of our viewers.
  • Some pre-recorded materials have subtitles embedded. We will signal these during the broadcast.
  • If you struggle with understanding the English language spoken during a session, there is an auto-transcription add-on available for Google Chrome. This will provide a continuous transcription of the English speech (a bit like subtitles) which may assist in your understanding. Here are the instructions to activate this in your Chrome browser:
    We highly recommend you try it out to see if you like it: your favourite song in English on youtube will give you a sense of the capacity of this tool!
  • We are providing ‘Language Support Rooms’ for French, Spanish, German and Portuguese language speakers within Kumospace. We can create more rooms subject to demand – i.e. Italian, Danish. These rooms are areas where those with these as their native languages can meet. We encourage those who may be English speakers but able to help translate into these languages to gather there too. We will be broadcasting each night’s curated sessions into the various Kumospace language rooms so you can join others who you share a language with to watch the event. Please note, if you wish to be in Crowdcast AND Kumospace, please mute one of the browser tabs/windows! See here for instructions on how to do this:

We are also surveying our registrants to better understand language requirements for future years. If you have not yet completed the survey, please do so here.

Spreading the word

Please help us to continue to spread the word about this event. With 10 days of amazing permaculture-led content, there’s going to be nothing else quite like it and we need you to help us tell more people about it – even now!

Links to share:

More resources for sharing can be found at: