Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up via

Registration is on a sliding scale of fees from €15 to €100.
If you do not have a credit card or a bank card with debit function please email

The European Permaculture Convergence is being held online using the web platform, Crowdcast. The Permaculture Association (Britain) has used this platform since 2020. It will allow you to watch and participate interactively in sessions in a number of ways.
You will receive informations and the the link to the platforms we use after you have signed up.

Check it out at

Yes, Crowdcast automatically records all broadcasts. They will be available to view from around 1hr after the end of each evening’s show. Follow the same links as for live viewing which will be sent to you after signing up.
Unfortunately, Open Space sessions are not being broadcast via Crowdcast so any recordings will be down to the individual event organisers.

Please note, the vast majority of the content at EUPC21 will be in English.

We are translating the core text of this website into Spanish, German and French. These plus Portuguese are the core languages we will be able to offer some support with during the Convergence. The details of this are being worked out but include language support rooms in Kumospace (see below) and translated subtitles for pre-recorded film content.

Other elements of our comms and programme may have translations in Dutch, Russian and Italian subject to support being available.

We are making available logos, social media graphics, printable fliers and various translated written texts for use on websites, newsletters and elsewhere. 

Links to our logos & graphics and written text.

Find out more about Kumospace ‘our social space’ here: and here:

We will use Kumospace to create social areas for the EUPC 2021. There will be a variety of rooms in use for this purpose. Some rooms will be themed around language where those who speak specific languages can go for support or for socialising. There will also be rooms for viewing films, meeting authors/speakers and more.

Volunteers will be on hand each day from 5pm to 10pm UK Time to support anybody using the space. If you do not know how to navigate Kumospace on arrival, please visit the reception room. If the room is full (each room has a maximum capacity of 30) please wait until a space appears. The room’s current capacity is listed under the name of each room.

More information will follow here:

Generally it helps wehn you restart your computer nd internet before you want the streaming.the browsers rcommended by our tech teams are chrome and edge.

More information about this will follow…

We hope that the EUPC 21 will deliver a financial surplus that can be used to support the further development of a coherent and effective European Permaculture Network (EUPN). Surplus will be shared between the Permaculture Association (Britain) (PAB), the EUPN as well as being distributed fairly as honorariums for the many volunteers who have supported this event to happen.

Though the EUPN is not a formal body, money will be held by a suitable non-profit organisation for use by the network. It is hoped that some of this money will go directly to supporting the development of permaculture bodies in countries where this is in it’s infancy or not yet begun. Other surplus will go into better mapping the network, building an open source database of permaculture projects and tools, and ensuring that the momentum built by this EUPC is not lost.

Essentially, buying a ticket for this event will support the growth and development of permaculture across the continent.

You can sign up for a bursary to the event here. We are focusing primarily on young participants and those from less wealthy European countries, or places where there is not yet a strong permaculture community.

We are taking applications until 26th September 2021. Please note, the majority of content at #EUPC21 is being curated by members of our programming circle with help from allies across the continent. 

Our Open Space programme is available for workshops, discussions and similar content that does not make it on to the main curated content schedule. Open Space content will need to be hosted by yourself on a video platform (or similar) that you have access to.

Visit here to find out how to apply.

We are happy to offer a discount to permaculture groups where multiple members wish to watch the proceedings together. Please contact us on our email:

Please email us at We will provide you bank and Paypal details you can use as alternative means of payment. You will receive the link to the platform once you have signed up plus additional information and instructions on how to join the various elements of the event.