Descubre la EUPC

The European Permaculture Convergence (EUPC) 2021 co-hosted by Permaculture Association (Reino Unido), Permakultur Austria, Permacultura Íbera, Permacultura Mediterránea, International Permaculture Education Network, Permaculture CoLab Translation Circle and Digital Circle, International Permaculture Convergence Council y Domingos de Permacultura on behalf of the European Permaculture Network.

The event is the first time that an EUPC has gone fully online and thus opened itself up to attendees from across the continent. 

We’re excited to be launching this event at this time with the huge potential it has to ensure permaculture reaches new audiences and helps ensure we can make a transition to a more sustainable world. 

You can find information about previous events here and about the existing European Permaculture Network. Finally, if you’re unclear about what permaculture actually is, we have some resources to help you.