Valerie Seitz is fascinated by ecovillages, permaculture and life. She has a background in architecure and has been working as a trainer, project developer and designer for many years, internationally in the field of sustainable education and development.

She took the focus on solutions from her architecture studies and created a planning guide for communities in her graduate year.

Her clear focus on earth regeneration not only led to years of work at Gaia University, but also to real immersion in ecovillage life (The Farm / USA, Huehuecoyotl / Mexico, Pomali / Austria).

Her experiences are now flowing into the Permakultur Austria Academy, which she has been leading since 2016.

Valerie is the founder of VISIpedia, the visual encyclopedia of sustainability (a networked collection of infographics) and co-initiator of GEN Austria.

Talk: 9th October > ‘Überblick über die Permakultur in Europa

Talk: 17th October > ‘Shared vision, joint effort & collaborative projects

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