Talk: 9th October > “Permablitz approach to creating home and community gardens


Susannah Hall is a designer, trainer and facilitator for Permablitz London. She is the gardener at Cecil Sharp House and co-ordinator at the Josiah Braithwaite Community Garden. She has designed a forest garden for Forest Farm Peace Garden and co-designed (with Kayode Olafimihan) the food forest at Northwick Park Community Garden and Battersea Arts Centre.

A permablitz involves a group of people meeting up for the day to:

  • Typically, create or develop a community or household edible, wildlife-friendly garden, according to a permaculture design. Permablitzes can also involve sustainable non-food growing projects. For example, eco-friendly builds such as making compost toilets or retro-fits of existing homes as well as growing fibre for clothes or planting for fuel.
  • Learn about permaculture and gardening through skills shares and mini-workshops
  • Build community networks
  • Share some good food
  • and have lots of fun!

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