Looby Macnamara is a permaculture teacher, designer und writer.

Permaculture came into her life in 1999 and was a great inspiration for her to bring a positive change into the world, very important for her is, that we can use the permaculture principles and ethics in all aspects of our lives.

Looby’s latest book, Cultural Emergence shares a pioneering toolkit for regeneration and transformation.

Looby has been teaching permaculture for nearly 20 years. During this time she has been a pioneer of personal and social permaculture, authoring the first book globally to focus on the peoplecare ethic People & Permaculture.

Looby is also author of 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity. She is also one of the partners of the European Mother Nature project, empowering mothers. Looby has been an active member of the permaculture community, and was a chairperson of the Permaculture Association and is a senior diploma tutor.

Looby lives in Herefordshire with her partner Chris Evans and her two daughters. They have a stunning 20 acre smallholding – Applewood permaculture centre which is an education and demonstration centre, where most of her courses are run.

Since 2016 she has been working closely with Jon Young (founder of 8 Shields Institue) on the Cultural Emergence Project – finding news ways to facilitate cultural change.

Talk: 11th October > ‘Cultural Emergence – tools for transformation”

Looby will be introducing some of the main elements of the toolkit and sharing how they can be used personally to enhance our mental well-being and effectiveness, as well as collectively to increase connection and creative collaboration between people.

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People and Permaculture (Hyden House Ltd; Illustrated Edition)

7 Ways to think differently (Permanent Publications; Illustrated Edition)

Cultural Emergence (Permanent Publications)

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