Talk: 11th October > “Children in Permaculture”

Through engaging children in permaculture, we all learn together to work with nature, creating systems which have earth care, people care and fair share at their heart.


Gaye Amus is an environmental educator specialized in early childhood education and is based in Helsinki, Finland. She has had 12 years experience working in kindergartens including a Rain or Shine nature kindergarten in Finland. S

he is the Founder of Learning In Nature Ltd and is currently training educators internationally, contributing in conferences, giving seminars and consultation in nature pedagogy and outdoor education. Gaye initiated the nature movement for kindergartens and primary schools in Turkey in 2015 with Forest Schools and Forest Kindergarten Leader trainings.

She pioneered and co-founded the Children in Permaculture project.


Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share in Education – The Children in Permaculture Manual,

You can read it for free online, or purchase a book hier.

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