Talk: 11th October > “Support & well-being during social breakdowns”

Many among us fear that to inquire about collapse will lead to paralyzing despair, and so we avoid it – knowing full well that it calls for our attention. The Deep Adaptation Forum (DAF, an international group of professionals and volunteers ) has been taking collapse as their starting point for two years now.

Using the container of “The Four Rs” (Resilience, Relinquishment, Restoration, Reconciliation), DAF has built a large supportive community that faces uncertainty, fear, and grief and finds there a grounding for joy, togetherness, and action.


Responding to Jem Bendell’s paper entitled Deep Adaptation: a Map for Navigating Climate tragedy the Deep Adaptation Forum was created in 2019. Our mission is to embody and enable loving responses to our predicament. With a network of volunteers and a tiny paid staff, Forum participants meet in local groups, in the Deep Adaptation Facebook Group and related groups, the Professions Network, a LinkedIn group, and the website to learn together how to face collapse, using a framework of Resilience, Relinquishment, Restoration and Reconciliation.

Terry LePage is a volunteer in the Forum who offers “Grief Gratitude and Courage,” and other circles where people can name and process their experience of Deep Adaptation. She is joined by Wendy Freeman, a volunteer who also practices permaculture, and Igor Polskiy, the Facilitation Coordinator for the Forum.

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