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Alison has been working independently for more than 20 years, Gordon, her husband, joined in 2020.

As Psychologists working in organisations and their community, they focus on enabling flourishing of all those they engage with. Shifting people’s sense of freedom and fulfilment. Their clients find a sense of inner confidence, capability, and often come to a new sense of awareness about who they are and their purpose.

Their work involves providing individual coaching services, support to develop leaders and their teams, leader as coach programmes and facilitation of strategic planning events.

They consult, coach and supervise across industries at senior levels as well as engaging in probono work in local and global communities.

They have recently been exploring and writing about regenerative coaching practices. Prior to co-founding the Climate Coaching Alliance, in July 2019, together with Zoe Cohen and Linda Aspey, Alison co-authored the open letter to the coaching profession to declare a climate emergency. She worked with the Pachamama Alliance and writes on subjects from complexity and gestalt practice through to coach accreditation and much in between.

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