Talk: 15th October > ”Nomadic Permaculture and Regenerative Awereness

We will talk about regenerative practices used in the “Source de Vie” permaculture project and the creation of a food forest at the gates of the Sahara.


Alexandre Pereira Álvarez aka Pere BNOMAD is a Senior Technician in Management and Organization of Natural and Landscape Resources. Nature lover and (self-taught) passionate about the land. He has worked for a long time in a nursery and as a gardener and realized that there was something more.

Seeing the factors that threatened us such as the lack of natural resources, desertification and the loss of arable space, he began to study in a methodical and systematic way the bases of Permaculture. He met a group of friends with whom he shared values and thoughts on how to live in harmony with nature. From that interaction was born “Ecolectivo” of which he is a co-founder. An experimental life project, with the potential to “contaminate” and empower people towards self-sufficiency and collective intelligence.

Pere has spent 5 years developing tasks as a trainer in Organic Agriculture courses. He has participated in several Natural Building courses with “Cal-Earth”, with the super-adobe technique, and with “Canya Viva”, with the cane construction technique. He has actively participated in several volunteer work in Spain, Holland and Morocco, learning from different projects.

He has offered social Permaculture courses with “AgrHumus” and managed facilitation processes in unintentional communities. Graduated in Permaculture Design Certificate from the Naluum Institute. He has participated in the Naluum Permaculture Diploma as a teacher in the area of productive systems and permaculture principles. He has worked on the development of various designs and consultancies for private clients. To highlight the creation of a food forest at “Source de vie”, permaculture project in Mhamid, Zagora (Morocco). A transformative and successful project developed at the gates of the Sahara desert in which notable changes for improvement have been obtained in both fauna and native flora after 4 years.

He is the co-founder of “Permaculturafrica” and of “BNOMAD” and current organizer together with a coordinators team. He has developed the direction and training of the agroecology project on the “Grupo Gourmet Alicante”. Currently he continues developing projects and continues as a trainer of the agroecology project on the “Grupo Gourmet Alicante”.

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